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Quality Control

At Kingsway compounding we have incorporated many quality controls to ensure we are confident in the quality and consistency of our compounded preparations. Quality controls are an integral component of any Quality Assurance system. In essence, the controls one has in place gives the assurance one is producing a consistent quality product.

Quality controls in place at Kingsway Compounding include;

  • Testing of Raw Materials for identification, purity & heavy metals
  • Testing end products to ensure correct potency or strength
  • Continuous internal and external compounding training for all staff
  • Monitoring environment – temperature, Pressure and humidity of compounding areas
  • Qualified personnel – Pharmacists, Nutritionists, & Technicians
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for consistency
  • Purpose built facilities ensuring no cross contamination

Each file below is a Certificate of Analysis (or ‘C of A’ as it’s more commonly known) of our compounded products. The C of A gives you the potency checks that we regularly perform on our finished compounded products. It gives us and you the assurance and confidence that you are receiving a compounded product at the correct strength or potency as stated on our label.

PCCA Certificate

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