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ACNEM Training 2013 – Promotional support

ACNEM Training
8-11 August, Brisbane
(1st Early Bird extended to 7 June)

Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
8-11 August, 4 days face-to-face

The ACNEM Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine is a practical, evidence-based, foundation program in NEM for GPs and othergraduate health professionals.

Applications of NEM – Putting it into practice after the Primary 8-9 August, 2 days face-to-face

Specially designed to follow-on from the Primary Course, deepen your understanding and practice of NEM, especially in nutritional and environmental history taking, assessment, diagnosis and management.

Nature or Nurture? Epigenetics, nutrigenomics and the ‘Exposome’ concept of health 10-11 August, 2 days face-to-face

Develop your understanding of the exposome concept of health through the molecular basis of environmental and genetic interactions and hear from expert clinicians about the clinical implications and application of these emerging genetic and genomic sciences.


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