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Essentials: What are the regulations around compounded medicine?

By Alice Chiu | 29/11/2022

In this essentials article we take a top-line look at how commercial and compounded medicines are regulated. We also highlight the importance of being an ISO9001 certified compounding pharmacy. All…

Essentials: Compounding Medicine vs Dispensing Medicine

By Simon Tokic | 10/11/2022

What is the difference between compounding medicine and dispensing medicine? This article highlights the differences to help you understand.  Most of the medicines that patients purchase are medicines that are…

Difficulty in swallowing tablets and capsules

By Alice Chiu | 18/10/2022

There are many different reasons why patients are unable to swallow tablets or capsules. Problems with swallowing pills can be caused by known medical conditions that can affect saliva production…

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