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Digestive Enzymes


By Daniel Doherty | 07/20/2017

Enzymes are specialised protein molecules found in all living cells. They accelerate and regulate all biochemical reactions that occur in the human body. An enzyme itself does not change during a reaction but acts as a catalyst by changing one compound (known as the “substrate”) into another (known as the “product”). Enzymes also play a…

Alzeimer's Disease


By Daniel Doherty | 07/20/2017

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia and is characterised by memory loss, difficulties with language, and motor and sensory functions. This is the first of two articles that will be discussing some of the various natural treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). As the disease progresses changes in mood and behaviour increase. It…

Calcium & Magnesium


By Daniel Doherty | 05/31/2017

Calcium and Magnesium are both classified as “essential minerals” which humans require for good health. Like all minerals, they cannot be made in our body and must therefore be plentiful in our diet in order for us to remain healthy. Calcium is a major constituent of bones and teeth (99%), where it plays two roles. First, as…

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