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TriEnza is a broad-spectrum formulation that combines the best of our AFP Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, and No-Fenol into one product.

Two (2) capsules* or four (4) chewable tablets of TriEnza contain:

  • All the protease enzymes for protein digestion from AFP Peptizyde
  • All the enzymes (except some cellulase) for carbohydrates, starches, proteins, and fats from Zyme Prime
  • Half (1/2) the enzymes from No-Fenol (xylanase) for certain fruits and vegetables high in phenols
  • Available in capsules, chewable tablets, and powder
    *1 mg of MCT oil is added per 600 mg as an excipient to minimize the enzyme powder from becoming airborne. MCT oil is derived from palm kernel oil.

No more splitting capsules to get “half doses”. One capsule (one-half dose) makes starting enzymes easier.

To obtain this medicine a prescription is required from a qualified pharmacist, allied health practitioner or medical practitioner

If you require a specific compounded product then please contact Kingsway Compounding or call us directly on 1300 564 799. One of our experienced pharmacists will advise on the suitability of the compound for you.

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