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Australia’s first ISO9001:2015 compounding pharmacy Omega 3 Salmon Oil Soy Free Available Now Australia’s leading compounder delivering locally & internationally AUSTRALIA’S FIRST ISO9001:2015 COMPOUNDING PHARMACY Omega-3 Salmon Oil Available Now AUSTRALIA’S LEADING COMPOUNDER DELIVERING LOCALLY & INTERNATIONALLY At Kingsway Compounding we make compounded medicines to suit the individual needs of practitioners and their patients. Compounding…

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Working with your practitioner

Kingsway Compounding work very closely with individual practitioners to understand their knowledge and processes. We take the extra time to understand how each individual practitioner operates.

Often we will often call to check specific information provided so that we can ensure that our compounds (your medicine) is right for you.

The types of practitioners that we receive patient scripts from are not limited to General Practitioners and we often receive scripts from psychologists, osteopaths, nutritionists, physiotherapists, naturopaths etc.

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