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What is compounding?

The one size fits all model of traditional pharmacy is not suitable for everybody.

Kingsway Compounding headquarters in Sydney's Northern Beaches
Kingsway Compounding headquarters in Sydney's Northern Beaches

At Kingsway Compounding we see all patients as unique

In partnership with your practitioner, we can deliver an individualised medicine customised to your needs. If any of these apply, Kingsway Compounding has your solution:

  • Do you have an allergy to some excipients in commercially available products?
  • Is your dose form undesirable? i.e Do you have trouble swallowing tablets?
  • Would your prefer a cream or liquid-based medicine?
  • Would you like to control your dosage?
  • Is your preferred medicine not available in Australia?
  • Has your medication been discontinued?


Kingsway has Australia's only ISO9001:2015 certified compounding lab. In collaboration with your practitioner, Kingsway will develop a customised solution with assurance of the highest quality and safety.

What sets Kingsway apart is that we have a dedicated compounding facility, purpose-built for our needs. A compounding lab that is temperature, pressure and humidity controlled with our own in-house pharmacists, nutritionists and pharmacy compounding technicians partnering to deliver individualised patient care.


Kingsway Compounding has the solution for you

Thousands of Australians are helped by Kingsway Compounding every year as we partner with your practitioner to deliver innovative treatment options specific to your healthcare needs.

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Leading the way in compounding in Australia for over 20 years