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World Class Labs

At Kingsway Compounding we have separate, dedicated laboratory rooms to make our nutritional preparations, dermatologicals and our BHRT preparations to prevent any cross contamination of ingredients.

We use the most advanced equipment, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and raw materials available to produce high quality products.

Australia's first ISO9001:2015 Compounding Pharmacy. We have a quality management system for the provision of customised, tailor made medicines recognised throughout the world.

ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems is the most internationally recognised business management Standard. The ISO 9001 Standard outlines a set of generic requirements that are best practice for the management of organisations.

Kingsway Compounding is unique because we are the first and only ISO-certified compounding lab in Australia. The ISO 9001 Standard outlines a set of generic requirements that are best practice for the management of organisations.
Our labs are purpose-built to be temperature, pressure and humidity-controlled. The difference in any of the pressure, especially for a hydroscopic raw ingredient can make a huge difference to the final product. In our world class labs, medicines and raw materials are stored in the correct conditions to ensure major fluctuations simply do not occur.
For best practice, a compounding laboratory must have strict policies and standard operating procedures. We ensure that each pharmacist and technician follows the same methodology each time. To prevent cross-contamination, we have separate laboratories for nutrition, hormones, sterile compounds and making creams and liquids .
As part of our ISO-certification and procedures, we test our raw materials and we also test our finished products. Our raw materials mostly come from TGA [Therapeutic Goods Administration] licensed manufacturers. We still test those raw materials to ensure that what we've been given is correct and matches the certificate of analysis.
Not all compounding is equal and it is important to understand how your medicines are being made. Be sure to ask your local compounder about their quality control and processes to ensure the efficacy of your medicine.
At Kingsway, we have a solid distribution network and for this reason can distribute medicines in a timely manner nationally. We also deliver internationally.

Quality Control

At Kingsway compounding we have incorporated many quality controls to ensure we are confident in the quality and consistency of our compounded preparations. Quality controls are an integral component of any Quality Assurance system. In essence, the controls one has in place gives the assurance one is producing a consistent quality product.

Quality controls in place at Kingsway Compounding include:

1. Testing of Raw Materials for identification, purity & heavy metals
2. Testing end products to ensure correct potency or strength
3. Continuous internal and external compounding training for all staff
4. Monitoring environment – temperature, pressure and humidity of compounding areas
5. Qualified personnel – Pharmacists, Nutritionists, & Technicians
6. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for consistency
7. Purpose built facilities ensuring no cross contamination

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