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High quality compounded and prescription medicines, vitamins and supplements.

Putting you first, every step of the way. Rely on us for all your medicine needs.

Compounded Medicine

We offer tailored medications, precise dosages, and unique formulations (such as capsules, liquids, or creams) to suit your individual health needs.

Compounded Vitamins & Supplements

We offer a wide range of individual nutrients, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts, and specialised formulations

Branded Vitamins & Supplements

We can source any commercial product and recommend only the highest quality branded vitamins and supplements based on our testing and product knowledge.

Prescription Medicine

Working with you, we offer a few simple solutions of providing your script online or via email. In addition we can also work directly with your doctor to accept e-scripts and SMS prescriptions.

Animal & Pet Medicine

We can order and fulfil prescriptions and supply medicine for your pets as well. We can also source non-medicine pet related products (such as toys) through our extensive supply chain.

Retail Products (Non Medicine)

Like any pharmacy, we provide an extensive range of non-medicine products. Save time and enjoy added convenience by ordering both your medicine and non-medicine essentials through our network of trusted brands.

Reasons to choose us as your one stop pharmacy

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Leading the way in compounding in Australia for over 20 years