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Kingsway Compounding officially an ISO9001:2015 certified quality approved compounder


Australia’s first ISO9001:2015 Compounding Pharmacy. We have a quality management system for the provision of customised, tailor made medicines recognised throughout the world.

Compounding Industry Landmark

We are proud to be an ISO9001:2015 Certified Quality Approved Compounder. This is a landmark announcement for the compounding industry in Australia that changes the current landscape, as we become the only ISO9001:2015 Certified Compounder in Australia.

This certification means that we are now recognised globally for the quality standards we keep in the provision of customised, tailor-made medicines. We have always put quality at the front of everything that we do at Kingsway Compounding and this certification is simply further recognition of the standards we have set.

What is the ISO9001:2015 Standard?

ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems is the most internationally recognised business management Standard. The ISO9001:2015 Standard outlines a set of generic requirements that are best practice for the management of organisations.

What is a Quality Management System (QMS)?


What this means for Practitioners

This is another positive development for our many valued practitioners who rely on us to create individualised medicines and supplements for their patients. It is also a huge announcement for those integrative practitioners who are looking for a trusted compounding pharmacy when it comes to quality solutions for their patients.

As always, practitioners can rest assured that when they order tailored medicines from Kingsway Compounding, they are working with a partner who is globally recognised for quality assurance. We are simply an extension of the high levels of quality and care that practitioners provide to their patients.

What this means for Patients

Our global recognition for quality standards means patients can trust that we do everything we possibly can to meet their individual needs when it comes to providing customised, tailor-made medicines.

Kingsway Compounding are now recognised globally for the quality standards we keep in the provision of customised, tailor-made medicines, so patients can be confident when they order their important medicines from us.

“We do everything we possibly can to meet their individual needs when it comes to providing customised, tailor-made medicines.”

Summary of ISO9001:2015 Principles of Quality Management

1. Customer Focus

  • Understand the needs of existing and future customers
  • Align organisational objectives with customer needs and expectations
  • Meet customer requirements
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Aim to exceed customer expectations

2. Leadership

  • Establish a vision and direction for the organisation
  • Set challenging goals
  • Model organisational values
  • Establish trust
  • Equip and empower employees
  • Recognise employee contributions

3. Engagement of People

  • Ensure that people’s abilities are used and valued
  • Make people accountable
  • Enable participation in continual improvement
  • Evaluate individual performance
  • Enable learning and knowledge sharing
  • Enable open discussion of problems and constraints

4. Process approach

  • Manage activities as processes
  • Measure the capability of activities
  • Identify linkages between activities
  • Prioritise improvement opportunities
  • Deploy resources effectively

5. Improvement

  • Improve organisational performance and capabilities
  • Align improvement activities
  • Empower people to make improvements
  • Measure improvement consistently
  • Celebrate improvements

6. Evidence-based decision making

  • Ensure the accessibility of accurate and reliable data
  • Use appropriate methods to analyse data
  • Make decisions based on analysis
  • Balance data analysis with practical experience

7. Relationship management

  • Identify and select suppliers to manage costs, optimize resources, and create value
  • Establish relationships considering both the short and long term
  • Share expertise, resources, information, and plans with partners
  • Collaborate on improvement and development activities
  • Recognise supplier successes

See how we can work together

Practitioners who currently work closely with us or those who are looking for the highest quality compounding partner can get in touch directly to discuss how we can support them and their patients. Call us on our dedicated line for practitioners – 1800 564 799.

Patients who order directly from us or those interested in our individualised solutions to meet their needs can contact us directly on our dedicated line for patients – 1300 564 799.

1. Sourced from the MSC Global website MSC Global managed the ISO9001 certification process with Kingsway Compounding.
2. Sourced from the ASQ website ASQ provides the quality community with training, professional certifications, and knowledge to a vast network of members of the global quality community.

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