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Kingsway vs Traditional

We’re meticulous in our approach and take the time to listen, as we genuinely care about your unique needs

At Kingsway, we believe that there is a better way. Maintaining good health is just as much about what you do while you are well as it is when you are treating symptoms of illness or poor health. Our years of experience and proven results in achieving longer-term well-being have all contributed to the way that we support both patients and practitioners with creating healthier lives.

The Patient Triad

1. The Patient

Traditional medicine has a one size fits all approach to patient care. At Kingsway Compounding we can develop unique formulations customised to your needs. Through discussion of your individual concerns and preferences, we can arrive at the ideal dosage and form that best suit your requirements.

It's important that patients understand they must work with their practitioner and compounding pharmacist for best results. Compounding can be a cost effective alternative to buying individual medicines.

Some compounds may be similar to other solutions we've previously developed or can be quite complex, so this requires extra consultation with the practitioner.

2. The Practitioner

Kingsway Compounding are lucky to deal with many likeminded practitioners around Australia who have an enormous amount of knowledge and have dedicated extra learning to improve treatment for their patients.

The conversations that we have with our practitioners enable us to learn from them and vice versa. Through those conversations and collaborations, we've achieved some amazing results for patients.

Getting several practitioners involved is an important part of healthcare. There are many different skillsets that other practitioners can bring to the overall treatment plan for the patient. Kingsway deal with many practitioners from different modalities whether it be doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, psychologists to chiropractors. Patients often need more than one type of practitioner to achieve their optimal health outcome.

Over the years Kingsway have hand-picked a number of professional pharmacists and nutritionists who understand that patient's must be treated with respect and empathy. We often liaise with external practitioners, consult journals and look at different precedents that have been set in the industry to achieve the best outcomes.

3. Kingsway Compounding

Our pharmacists work together to find that unique formulation for that patient, after which it is made by our qualified technicians. It is checked and goes through a process of quality assurance to ensure a consistent, quality compound is made for the patient.

Upon receipt of a prescription from the practitioner, Kingsway Compounding gets in touch with the patient to undertake a risk assessment. It's vital that we ascertain the compound prescribed is appropriate. Once established, Kingsway develops the personalised medicine within 48 hours and delivers the finished compound to its designated address the following day.

After a fortnight, we conduct a follow-up with the patient to see how they're managing with the compounded medicine. It is usually another few weeks till the patient revisits their practitioner who'll then assess how they're responding to the treatment.

Most patients respond well to their compounded medication though at times tweaks and changes are required depending on their condition.Kingsway monitors the patient's progress to ensure maximum benefit is gained from their compounded product.

We encourage our practitioners and even our patients to come and visit Kingsway. We're very proud of what we do and encourage practitioners and patients to tour our purpose-built lab and learn more about Kingsway Compounding's process.

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