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Important Information

For Patients

Not all products can be viewed by the general public due to legal restrictions. If you are a patient and not a medical or health practitioner, then you will only be able to view and purchase "Public Products" via our online store.

If you are finding that you are trying to search for a medicine that you know we supply but cannot view it online, then it may simply be restricted for viewing. In this instance please email or phone our compounding pharmacy.

Alternatively, patients (or members of the public) can still purchase medicines that are restricted (or compounds specifically formulated for your unique requirements) by submitting a prescription online via our "Order Your Compound" form.

For Practitioners

Practitioners are divided into two main groups, Medical Practitioners and Health Practitioners. Medical practitioners are Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists etc. Health Practitioners include all Allied Health Practitioners.

To view our entire online range and gain access to medicine and compounding information for practitioners via our online portal, simply register and login to this website.

Product Search by Raw Material

Please note that this only works for logged in health practitioners otherwise a 'No products were found matching your selection.' message will be returned.

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