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Custom Skin Solutions (Dermatology)

We work with dermatologists to provide reliable, affordable compounding solutions while providing patients custom skin treatments to treat skin conditions and disorders.

While we have a range of widely available topicals and orals to help us help our skin conditions, not all conditions can be treated safely and effectively with an over-the-counter medicine or home remedy.

Whether you’re a patient who has tried common solutions for a skin concern and have not seen the results, or you are a skin specialist looking for a compound chemist who truly understands the needs of dermotology patients, we can help.

Kingsway Compounding offers a range of vehicles for patients and practitioners, includin Topical Gels & Creams, Ointments & Lotions, Liquid Solutions, Occlusive Pastes, Orally Ingested Pills & Liquids & Capsules, Silicone Fx Gel, Powders in puffers and Liposomal Creams

For Patients (Custom Skin Treatments)

If you have struggled to see results with your dermatologist, or are looking to take the next step with treating your condition, then customised dermatology compounding medications are the answer to your specific dermatology management needs.

We work together with dermatologists and skin specialists and patients like yourself to solve their skin problems, and all formulations are customized per prescription to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Kingsway work closely with patients who have difficult skin conditions, to not only treat the symptoms, but look into long-term prvention. We can also provide steroid & preservative free preparations.

Do you have a skin condition that you are looking for a more natural, alternative or holistic approach in treating?

Kingsway can help. We understand that no two patients are alike – We have a high respect for the needs and preferences of our patients the relationships with their dermotologists.

Dermatology/Cosmeceutical Case Studies

A patient had ongoing issues with a lack of skin health, causing visible marks on her body. After a series of initial treatments, the patients skin health did not substantially improve. Eventually completing a course of prescribed medication, the patients skin health improved, but eventually deteriorated. Due to side effects experienced with the initial medication, the patient did not wish to be prescribed a second course. The patient instead chose an combination of alternative topicals and vitamins as a customised solution to improve her skin health. This solution would provided a safer solution in line with the patient’s concern about their previously prescribed medication. Working closely with her practitioner and compound chemist to find the alternative compound solution that worked for her, the patient experienced positive skin health improvements.

Hypothetical Case Study of a Kingsway Compounding Patient


Why Choose Kingsway Compounding

Find out exactly why Kingsway Compounding are the leaders in compounding pharmaceuticals for patients and practitioners.

6 good reasons ‘why’ you should choose Kingsway Compounding