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The "art" of making unique personal medicines is called Compounding. At Kingsway Compounding pharmacy we make unique medicines that are specific for your needs. In essence we are practicing pharmacy as it was many years ago, yet this “art” has been lost over the years with our perceived need for "one dose fits all" medicines. As a Compounding Chemist we can provide our patients and practitioners unlimited treatment options.

Why use Compounding for your Healthcare?

With advances in technology and improved pharmaceutical equipment we are now able to provide “old” treatments and develop new treatments that weren't even conceivable 10 years ago. A compounding pharmacy will work closely with many other allied health professionals such a doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, psychologists, dentists, chiropractors etc. and combine their expertise to make the most suitable medicine for your individual healthcare.
A Compounding Chemist can specialise in a variety of treatments such as for veterinary, hormone replacement, dermatological, chelation and nutriceutical therapies. Kingsway Compounding specialises in compounded medicines using vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other phytonutrients.

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PCCA Compounding Standards

20 - 23 November 2014
Rydges, Melbourne

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