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Fructose malabsorption

Fructose malabsorption is a gastro-intestinal disorder, characterised by the inability to absorb fructose efficiently. This will usually induce bloating, cramps, osmotic diarrhoea along with other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and can be seen in about 50% of fructose malabsorbers.

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Essential Minerals Article 2

As discussed, minerals are classified as either a macro or micro. This depends on the amount required by the body and is not an indication their importance. Macro-minerals are found in greater volumes within the body and micro-minerals are only needed in trace amounts. This post will focus on the micro minerals Zinc and Iron.

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Practitioner Integrative Health Hub

Kingsway Compounding Integrative

Kingsway Compounding has been transforming we have invested our time in defining and revamping our brand with our good friends at Mind Methods. The sole purpose of going through this exercise was to provide an even greater focus on who matters most to us, and that is you!

We feel privileged to have practitioners and patients that share in the philosophy of believing that there is a better way to tackling health matters by remaining vigilant over the long term to find the right, individualised solutions.

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Practitioners are the front line of combatting the health problems of the world. We see brave practitioners volunteering with amazing organisations like Medicins Sans Frontiers (or Doctors Without Borders) and travelling overseas to help the less fortunate to combat very serious and deadly illnesses such as Ebola and HIV/AIDS.

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