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AUSTRALIA’S FIRST ISO9001:2015 COMPOUNDING PHARMACY AUSTRALIA’S LEADING COMPOUNDER DELIVERING LOCALLY & INTERNATIONALLY Compounding is the art and science of preparing and making customised medications. A compounded medication is made from scratch to an exact strength and dosage form to improve a patient’s treatment outcomes. This allows the compounding pharmacist to work with the patient and…

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We underestimate the importance of the role of the GUT and how it works with the BRAIN to play a major role in our general health. This article will focus on key points as a summary. Studies have shown a strong connection between the GUT and BRAIN with our gut even being described as having “a mind of its own”.

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Almonds are rich in the essential minerals Magnesium and Calcium I would like to start this newsletter by thanking Leslie Emmberits and all the team at MINDD for yet another hugely successful MINDD forum. There were so many amazing speakers, filling us all with inspiration and hope that together we can make a difference… hence writing…

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