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Australia’s first ISO9001:2015 compounding pharmacy Omega 3 Salmon Oil Soy Free Available Now Australia’s leading compounder delivering locally & internationally AUSTRALIA’S FIRST ISO9001:2015 COMPOUNDING PHARMACY Omega-3 Salmon Oil Available Now AUSTRALIA’S LEADING COMPOUNDER DELIVERING LOCALLY & INTERNATIONALLY At Kingsway Compounding we make compounded medicines to suit the individual needs of practitioners and their patients. Compounding…

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Understanding Vitamin D

sun vitamin D

Vitamin D has emerged as the nutrient of the decade. Numerous studies have found benefits for nearly 100 types of health conditions. These health benefits include reduced risk of bone diseases, many types of cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes mellitus, bacterial and viral infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, neurological conditions such…

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Comments: Answering the vitamin and nutritional supplement criticism

vitamin criticism

Another physician said “No case for vitamin supplementation in normal, healthy, non-pregnant or lactating adults who are receiving the recommended daily intake of nutrients.” Is this true? Let us have a look at the commentary by  Bill Sardi regarding criticism about dietary supplementation.   Vitamin A Vitamin critic: “Vitamin A Toxicity occurred in Antarctic and…

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