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Personalised medicine: Compounding with Karl Landers

The flexibility, technology and sophistication of modern-day compounding has come a long way from it's humble origins. Compounding is now a specialised area of pharmacy available to health professionals which is ideal for those patients who have specialised needs outside of what's commercially accessible.

In today's podcast pharmacist Karl Landers takes us through the strict standards compounding pharmacies must adhere to and how as a team, the patient, practitioner and pharmacy work together to craft individualised medicines.

This niche area of practice requires expert and comprehensive education and execution to maximise its potential and something that Karl firmly has his finger on the pulse of. You can learn more from him at his forthcoming webinar with The Australian Traditional Medicine Society in May 2018.


[00:29] Introducing Karl Landers
[01:51] Specialising in compounding
[04:42] Historical vs modern compounding
[08:18] The official definition of compounding
[08:59] Compounding vs manufacturing
[11:53] Quality assurance procedures
[13:43] Understanding prescribing legalities and limitations
[20:16] Common uses for compounding
[23:49] The clinical use of personalised creams
[29:10] Safety and the compounding 'triad'
[34:42] Other routes of administration
[35:51] Further education in compounding

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