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Mutaflor® is a probiotic (capsule)


Mutaflor® is a probiotic (capsule), which contains a viable non-pathogenic strain of Escherichia coli (E coli), named Escherichia coli Nissle 1917.


The therapeutic effects of Mutaflor® are strain specific and have been demonstrated by in-vitro and in-vivo experiments and clinical studies. E coli Nissle 1917 has demonstrated an ability to exert beneficial effects on various gastrointestinal disorders and is one of the most extensively studied probiotic strains of bacteria. It was first isolated in 1917 from the faeces of a soldier during the First World War, by a Professor Alfred Nissle.

It had been noticed that this particular solider “in contrast to the large majority of his comarades, had suffered neither from dysentery nor from any other intestinal diseases”. [1]

Our gastrointestinal tract is inhabited by over 500 species of bacteria. A majority of these are found in the large intestine and are often referred to as our gut flora. Our gut flora is responsible for many essential roles, these include;

  • modulation of the local immune system (GALT),
  • barrier function from pathogenic microorganisms,
  • stimulation of gut motility, and
  • support of vitamin supply, energy metabolism and stimulation of blood flow to the colonic mucosa.

When we are born our gastrointestinal tract is sterile. Colonization of bacteria occurs during the birthing process from our mother's vaginal canal (in a natural delivery), her intestinal flora and/or the surrounding environment (in caesarean delivery). This colonisation continues to progress rapidly thereafter. E coli is one of the initial colonisers in our gut, here it plays a crucial role in creating a suitable environment for subsequent anaerobic microorganisms to establish and so begins this complex bacterial environment that plays such a vital role in our health. [1,2]

E coli are a single species of bacteria made up of many different biotypes; some of which are natural inhabitants in our body and play a vital role in the maintenance of a healthy gut, while others are harmful and may cause sickness and disease. Humans are colonised by approximately five commensal biotypes of E coli (and E coli Nissle 1917 is one of these protective biotypes), they serve as a barrier to help fight infection. [1, 2]

Maltby R, Leatham-Jensen MP, et al. (2013) conducted a study to examined how exactly some of these beneficial biotypes of E coli offer protection against other pathogenic strains. Their results revealed how the “invading pathogenic E. coli must compete (with E coli Nissle 1917)... to obtain the nutrients needed to colonize and establish infection”. [2]

E coli Nissle 1917 also fulfil all the demanding criteria of a probiotic medicinal preparation.

Some of these requirements include:

  1. Inhibition of growth and/or killing pathogens.
  2. Preventing colonisation in the gut by pathogens.
  3. Contributing to luminal metabolism and the stability of intestinal milieu.
  4. Communications with gut epithelial cells and gut immune system.
  5. The ability to colonise. [1]

Mutaflor® is commonly used in the treatment of chronic constipation (relief and/or management); it may help to increase the number of bowel movements per day and the number of days on which bowel movements occur in patients with chronic constipation. Studies are also supporting the use of Mutaflor® in the treatment/prevention of Crohn’s disease. [1,3]

Please note: We recommend you consult with your health care practitioner before taking Mutaflor®. Constipation may be associated with other medical conditions. Any change in bowel habits should be discussed with your doctor to exclude these, as further investigation may be required

Dosage: For adults the usual dose is 2 x capsules 3 times daily for the first 2 days. From the third day onwards the dose is 4 x capsules daily, for up to 8 weeks. For those suffering from chronic constipation (that has persisted for years) Mutaflor® should be regarded as a health-maintenance treatment and the therapy therefore be repeated periodically.

As with any supplement, dosages and results may vary with each individual and there is always the exception. However, most individuals can use the above as a starting guide. For more details on how this product may benefit you or to place an order please feel free to give us a call 1300 564 799 or go directly to our online store.


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