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World class compounding laboratory

Monitoring and managing the optimal compounding conditions are in place to ensure that the medicines created are as effective as possible requires a lot of time to set up, financial resources and processes that have been very carefully refined. This is the foundation in Kingsway Compounding developing a truly world class compounding laboratory.

The smallest change in temperature and humidity can have a profound effect on the potency and stability of compounded medicines. Our facility has total control over pressure , temperature and humidity to ensure a quality consistent compound is made every time. Proper gowning, masks, gloves and hygiene ensure you can be confident your medicines are free from adverse cross-contamination.

We are very serious about your health and we test all of our own compounded medicines very stringently, as well as the raw materials that we receive, to ensure that the correct dosage and potency is applied to the personalised medicines administered from our pharmacy.

We supply practitioners internationally and we have to ensure our medicines receive the patients in the condition that they left the laboratory. This is why logistics, packaging and storage are just as important as the laboratory in which the medicines are created.

For more information, please do not hesitate in contacting us and joining our patient portal. You can also see more information here.

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