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Working with your practitioner

Kingsway Practitioner Relationship for Families

As a patient, you may have noticed that over the past year, there have been some developments with Kingsway Compounding.

We have worked with our friends at Mind Methods Agency to:

  • revamp our brand
  • develop a new website
  • develop our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles
  • work on our ongoing communications.

The main reason for all of this is that we are focussed on delivering an overall better experience to you, our patients.

The Compounder / Practitioner Relationship

You may not be aware that we work very closely with your individual practitioners. If we have previously worked with a practitioner, then we understand their knowledge and processes. If we have not, then we take the extra time make contact to understand how that individual practitioner operates.

Often we will often call to check specific information provided so that we can ensure that our compounds (your medicine) is right for you.

The types of practitioners that we receive patient scripts from are not limited to General Practitioners and we often receive scripts from psychologists, osteopaths, nutritionists, physiotherapists, naturopaths etc.

Click here for an extensive list of practitioner types that we work with.

If you believe that we currently are not in the loop with one of your trusted integrative health professionals with regards to your health, then please get in touch with us either by phone or via our website.

Finally, we are continuously developing tools improve our interactivity with practitioners and providing them with the latest information in compounding, so make sure that at minimum you urge your practitioner to be on our mailing list as we provided dedicated information specifically for them.

Easy Online Prescription Submission

We are pleased to see that many of our patients have jumped onto our online script submission system located via the ‘Prescriptions’ button at the top of our website. We have had really positive feedback as this system saves everybody time and gets scripts out to you sooner. We do all of the work for you. All you have to do is to submit your script and the rest is up to us.

Free Health and Compounding Advice Line

If you that are not aware, we also provide a free service on advising both patients and practitioners on integrative health and compounding in general. This has been going for some time now and we have received positive feedback about this service due to the individual enquiries and responses that we can provide.

If you ever wanted to access this service, simply call 1300 564 799 and you will have a direct line to a Kingsway Compounding Pharmacist who can help you with your integrative health and compounding query.

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